ZizHome Universal Electric Outlet Cover – Self Closing Baby Proofing Kit – Tamper Proof Child Safety Wall Socket Plug – Durable ABS Plastic – Best House Protection Kit (4 Pack)

– SAFETY AND PROTECTION- The self-closing design of the wall outlet covers prevents your children from inserting objects into the power outlet when it is not in use. They’re durably built to ensure the elimination of electric hazards around the house for a long period of time
– SELF-CLOSES: As soon as the plug is removed from the electrical outlet, this child safety outlet covers will automatically close instantly to ensure optimum protection even without constant supervision. Simply plug in anything into the wall outlet cover and it immediately gets access to power, no adjustments needed.
– COMPATIBLE WITH ALL STANDARD OUTLETS: The highly compatible design of these baby proofing outlet covers makes them suitable for all types of standard outlets, whether semi-circle outlets or square outlets. The standardized fit also makes it easier for you to make your house look presentable while babyproofing it.

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